Wednesday, March 21, 2018

We The People Have Been Duped

We The People of the United States of America have been duped. Right from the beginning, the founders of this country planned it out so that the large money interests would manage the country and the middle class would labor. The poor stayed poor for the most part with a few exceptions and the rich got richer, leaving the so-called Middle Class to do all of the labor. The plan went well at first until the middle class became so big they threatened the ruling class' position. Something had to be done about it but what to do was a big question. The rich did not want to irritate their working class or they would never grow the country. To grow the new country in the world market it was going to take innovation, finance and labor. The innovation came out of the elite and working class.
The banking came out of the elite class and the labor came out of the working class. Not real different from the system Britain had in place, except the elite of this country promised the working "middle" class that they would be totally free to choose what they wanted to do for labor and how to spend their wages. They promised that those in leadership positions would be approved by the general citizenry by way of elections. That way you would feel as though your desires would be considered along the way as the country grew. The poor were promised help in making life better for themselves. The white male was dominant with white females coming second. In third place is the female of color and dead last was the male of color. No one was promised anything without earning it.

Where they duped us was in the way everything is rigged to benefit the rich and hardly anything comes down to the working class. The poor are worse off than before because begging was not illegal as it has become today.

Why did it turn out like today?

The rich are most to blame for their greed but the working middle class has to accept some of the blame as well. We wanted more of what the rich were enjoying so we sold our souls to the bankers. They offered us cards to carry around to obtain a loan for what the merchandise cost. Then they went to the merchants and offered them a way to broker these loans for a percent of the sale. Everyone got what they wanted. More money loaned by the bank brings them in a stream of interest money. The more money streams a bank has, the more confident a bigger bank would be to go into partnership with them. Now the bigger money is backing all of the economy.

The only thing that holds all of this together is keeping the majority of middle class workers beholden to the big banks enough that they will happily do the job provided them. Their debt to the banks is so high that they have to work all of the time to pay these loans. (credit cards, mortgage, car loans). No time in their lives to cause trouble. The elite are counting on those dynamics.

Each time the middle class holds a certain percentage of the money in the country, the banking class has to cause a fault to occur so they can cancel some of that wealth. A well healed middle class is hard to control, but a deeply indebted one will bend to the wind. Look at banking history in this country. The banking "panics" of 1819, 1837, 1873, 1907, great depression in the late 20's early 30's, the savings and loans bank crisis of the 80's - 90's and the financial debacle they call the great recession started in 2007 and lasting through the rest of the first decade of the twenty first century.
The middle class was devastated in each and the rich got richer. Either the banks failed and restitution from the treasury, tax revenue, was used to let them recover or they consolidated and became bigger.

Mortgages made up a huge portion of money sent to the banks by it's customers and was their principal stream of money. They also held a certain amount of their customer's money for safe keeping. Knowing that a bank had a certain amount of money being kept in savings accounts gave the bigger banks confidence in that bank giving them a better borrowing position.

That is why there is a wave of resisters trying to make digital currency like Bit Coin viable to use for payment and eliminate the need for the big banks. For the concept to work, everyone including merchants would have to recognize the digital currency and allow trade using it for payment. Now the merchant has to be linked to the entire digital currency community to the point of every transaction in the currency would be passed through that merchant for them to see. After all of this, there would have to be redeeming places that deal in the digital currency. Last but not least, there would have to be some type of safe guards in place that you know your piece of the action is secured. Who would guarantee this? It can only work if the big banks can have a piece of the action, otherwise it is doomed from the inception.We already have digital currency called a credit card.

The black market, drug cartels and other unscrupulous organizations want the digital currency to succeed because they could make their transactions without anyone knowing it. There would be no regulatory commission or any other agency to guarantee the viability of the currency and fraud could run rampant.

More another time...


Who Knows What is definitely what we should ask ourselves. Do we really know about Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Well, we definitely know who Hillary is since she has devoted many years of her life in the service of our country. Not everyone thinks she did a great job but she tried to do the best she could and there were not many that wanted to take on the responsibility she was willing to take on.

First, she showed us how she could be gracious as the "governor's wife" when she and Bill were in Arkansas and Bill was governor. Then as "first lady" of our country, as Bill was President, she showed what type of person she was with her ideas to help the middle class expand. I think this was seen by the very wealthy of our country and those that invest in this country, as a threat to their power and influence. It took some time, but the money control and wealth shifted back to the very few as the 401-Ks, IRA's and other money market products lost their values. People began to go back to work in order to pay the bills each month.

The very wealthy of this country benefitted by the swing and they have become the control of our economy once again and the middle class level of wealth has been shrinking over the years. Two jobs for each member of the family is the norm now. Some of the wealth has returned to select accounts but for the most part, the ones that lost it during the last recession will never get it back and will be working for the rest of their lives.

Our society is being manipulated by the media because the money owns the media. I don't mean just the nationally known media that get in the news on television every day but I mean every media outlet from local newspapers to network television programming and everything in between, has an owner with an agenda to generate as much revenue as possible through their programming advertisements and some have a political agenda too.

The more people they can claim tune in each day the more their air time is worth. There is a book printed with data taken from surveys and digital tracking through satellite listening and viewing showing the average age of the consumer of any given program and time slot of the day.

A marketing exec will refer to this book to pick the proper times and programs to place their client's message. Television, radio and most well-known print media will be represented by such a publication. The marketing exec pays for the subscriptions to the publications so they can better serve their clients.

To say that any news media is unbiased would be inaccurate. They have to be biased to attract investors and advertisers in the first place. So if we take what we see and read along with what we hear on radio with that "grain of salt" that we have all heard about, we will be able to decipher what is probably real and what is made up.

We use to hold reporters and managers of media outlets up to a higher standard. We as a society expected our reporters to check out stories before they published or broadcast them. Now we are so use to them feeding false information out there in favor of their agenda that we are not surprised or appalled is really what it should be.

We have come to expect our politicians to tell us misinformation to take our attention away from the real story. To give us something to talk about at work or at the game or in church. Oh yes, we love to talk about what is going on in the world, don't we? We love to be in someone else's business so it makes our messy lives feel less messy and more tolerable.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Three years since I posted and not much has changed in our country.

We still have a segment of our society that is ready to lynch someone right away if enough damning circumstantial evidence is available at the moment! They have existed in manifested in many ways. The Salem Witch trials, the KKK, vigilantes gangs, The James Gang, The Mafia, Hell's Angels and many other groups that are anti-society and more into power and control.

Then there are those that use their common sense and realize most politicians need to be watched very closely and criticized or praised when they deserve it. Their vote will usually be for the one they least fear will be negative for the country. Sometimes the fear is brought on by spreading false or misleading information about one of the candidates. When we can hear "first hand", not through "word of mouth", it is much better. We can let our intuition guide us as to whom we believe will be best for the country.

Then, there are the ones that will not vote at all, allowing the weakest candidate to increase their likelihood of winning majority votes. These citizens are making it harder for the "good" or "best" candidate to become elected because the "bad" or "worst" person is causing the vote to be effected. This actually harms the system and causes things to happen that should never had been considered in the first place. Crazy agendas rise to the top instead of the best agendas.

If we are going to cast a legitimate ballot, we will have had to clearly evaluate each person that wants the job. It is our responsibility to know the person by what we have personally seen them say or how they have acted in certain circumstances. Are they moral and just in our opinion? Are they ethical in their lives and while campaigning for the job? Will they faithfully carry out the job of being President of the United States Of America or will we be embarrassed by how the person acts while representing us as a society.

I know who I am voting for, do you?  Judge your candidate by what you personally know about them. Are they the kind of person you are? Are their agendas the one that you would put up for consideration if you had the opportunity? Are we voting for a person or against another and is that the way to execute our responsibility of being a citizen and helping to watch over our republic?

Our votes do count, especially in an election such as the one we have in 2016. Neither of the candidates are on the top of the voter's list of people they would like to vote for but there is a glaring difference between the two candidates and we as citizens need to protect our country even more now than ever before. Our democratically governed Republic needs your assistance to save our morality and ethics that this country has exuded for it's entire existence. There have been hiccups along the way and the same type of question comes before us.

Do we want to preserve the integrity of our united country and our Republic way of life? Where no matter where you were born you have a chance to make a name for yourself as a credit to life given by our creator to us, we need to vote for the person we feel will bring stability and a feel of cooperation among the people to bring about a united states that respects individual rights and aspirations to succeed to a level of life that allows us to enjoy life to the fullest, as our creator must have had in mind when our creation was conceived.

Get involved with helping those that live far from the designated areas to cast a ballot to file an absentee ballot in plenty of time before the election. Early voting opportunities are all across our country so check with your local government representative or go online to find info for your residential area.

I have already cast my ballot. One thing I can say without equivocation, it was sad to see all of the people that are not even opposed in the election. The ballot indicates the name of the person that is in that job from the last election and he is called an "incumbent". Why is there no person wanting the job other than the incumbent? Is it such that the people that live in that voting district will mostly vote the party that occupies the position? That seems dangerous to me to have those kind of groups being used by the politicians at election time. What happened to someone presenting the alternate suggestions so the people know what ideas are out there to consider. We can't leave that entirely to the politicians because they are not trustworthy. When given the opportunity, not many humans will turn down the ability to gain an advantage in life itself.

Everyone should cast a ballot and vote for "their choice" in an election. Your choice should be an educated one and one that puts our country ahead of personal gain. United we stand, Divided we fall. That is not just the words to a song, they are prophetic words, spoken in the hopes that enough citizens of this country are balanced and loyal to our country and we can remain UNITED.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Are You Prepared?

No. I am not one of the people that listens to Glen Beck every day or any of the other crazies in our country that think Armageddon is about to happen and we should all dig a hole and fill it with food and water. Oh yea, don't forget the guns and ammo.

That part of the activists' rhetoric is one of the things that makes me laugh out loud. Let me state the obvious for those of you that still don't get the joke. One cannot store enough ammunition in bunkers to defend themselves against a well maintained and supplied military assault. It is a waste of money and energy. It is also very dangerous because ammunition stored for extended time becomes unstable and could blow up. In most of these bunkers there is volatile material in every direction. The bunker would never survive and the people inside would be vaporized. Besides, how many weeks or months could one stay inside of a bunker, especially one that is underground. Believe me, it would not be worth it, especially since eventually you have to come out and join whatever is there when you do emerge. All you have done is wasted all of the time, money and your life preparing for something that never occurs. Ask some of the people that built bomb shelters during the fifties and early sixties in our country how it worked out for them.

If some group takes over the country your money will no longer be valid is another argument used by these theories. If they want total chaos that will happen but put yourself in their position, do you need to disrupt everything to take over a government. No, just let everyone continue to live a normal existence but put more and more restrictions on their everyday lives. Restrictions on movement around the country. Control of ports, both air and sea. End of story, you are now under a new management and you will be told how things will be done from now on. You did not have time to grab your gun and ammo, go to your bug out headquarters or anything. In fact, you are not sure when you should have gone since it does not matter if you did or not. You want to eat bear, deer, turkey, raccoon, alligator, duck, quail, or any other edible animal, and stay in the mountains for the rest of your life, you are certainly welcome to do that with no interference from anyone. Who cares what you do since you are insignificant to the entire economy and lifestyle of anyone else except yourself.

These activists and Charlatans are making money from spreading fear among the lesser educated part of our society. The sale of ammunition spiked and gun shops were mimicking the scare tactics in order to sell more guns and bullets. The fear mongers have succeeded in making some types of ammo more scarce than others, such as those that fit in an AR-15 type weapon that have large ammo clips and 9MM bullets that fit the popular semi-automatic hand gun manufactured by companies such as GLOCK.

The winners of the so called "war on guns" are the manufacturers, radio and television pundits, magazine and newspaper publishers along with the groups that are active in supporting the idea of freedom of citizens to own weapons capable of waging war. The John Birch Society is one of the oldest groups of this kind in the US. They have weapons cached in secret areas ready for an all out assault on whatever government they deem necessary to conquer. Of course, many of these weapons are from WWII because they were stolen from National Guard armories and little to no ammo available for them.

The preparation I am talking about in the title of this blog has nothing to do with digging holes or storing food and water but it does have to do with our freedoms guaranteed in a constitution that was conceived and written by a diverse group of men. Each had his input and the final version carried with it a supreme responsibility of every citizen to care for the country. Are you prepared to be active and involved with our political leaders? Are you a whiner or an activist? Do you know about your government and how it should work? Are you aware of the problems we have as a people controlling a government that is so powerful and bureaucratic? An engaged citizen is a stronger citizen, not one that digs a hole and goes inside to hide.

Elites have been involved with governing our country from the beginning because our economy was agricultural based and they were the only ones that could devote the time necessary to carry out the task of representing a district or state. The idea was simple, this country has a lot of citizens, sitting down with the residents and finding out what they are concerned about or happy about and then taking that information back to the Congress for discussion is the only practical way to have everyone's input. Unfortunately, as the Republic grew and developed, so did greed and corruption. Money started buying legislation and we find ourselves in the middle of that now. Somehow the citizens of this country need to step up and be heard through all of the graft. It takes gathering in large enough groups that it is hard to control the group with brute force and the authorities have to take a wait and see posture. Small groups are easily dispersed and controlled with overwhelming police presence.

Activism is the answer and the country, especially those of the younger generations, have to decide whether they will be followers or leaders. Will they capitulate to the corporations in order to continue to get their lifestyles or will they buck the system and save a bunch of lives down at the bottom of the ladder? I have a grandson that is 19 or 20 years old. We are not that close due to geographic distance between our lives but we communicate and let each other know that we love each other. That is a good feeling to know my grandson loves me but does he know what love is at 19? He has a girlfriend but memory serves me right I did not care what love was then either. My hormones were telling me any girl that was attractive to me was a target with one thing in mind and it was not love. I was a very selfish individual during that time of my life. My interests, my gratification was more important than what the girl thought. I was such a pig! That is how our government is treating it's citizenry now.

It is up to all of us to gather in large numbers to show solidarity and to show strength. We are this country's backbone. Our government works for us and we should show them what we want them to do. If they have no direction, they will run around bumping into one another getting nothing done again. Spread the word around the internet and around your town that it is time to let the politicians know what to do on our behalf. I cringe every time I hear a politician say "The American people want this or that" when they have no clue what the American people want. They have lost contact with "the American people". The only influential force in Congress are special interest groups trying to buy another politician.

We have had a new "boomer" generation born recently according to the birth records so within a few years another "boom" should occur with our country as well. Good Luck to that generation and once again I apologize for the way my generation has left the country. We were too busy consuming to realize what was happening around us. Our government has been purchased by different factions and they are dueling it out in Washington, DC. It will be up to the new generation to be activist and let the politicians know when they are doing a good job and when they are not doing as they should. It is a big job, but as this new year, 2014 will begin in a couple of days, have a Happy New Year and Good Luck in the future.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What Is A Domestic Terrorist

I have referred to the Congress as being full of domestic terrorist or sponsored by domestic terrorist and now I want to explain myself in the best way I can.

A Domestic Terrorist is a person or group of people whose only goal is to bring down the United States of America both economically and bring down our stature in the rest of the world.

For more than one hundred years, the United States of America was the beacon on the hill to the rest of the world. We represented a country that could peacefully assimilate every race and religion, allowing for entrepreneurial spirit to blossom in all communities. Our goal was to be the country where anyone could succeed with the right idea. We represented what all people want, an opportunity to pursue happiness, work hard and enjoy the benefit of that work.

Thus began the most powerful country in the world, on the backs of the immigrants that came here to pursue happiness. They worked in the heavy equipment industries and gave more of their lives to the country than most of us living today. They fought in wars for their country, they worked hard in the factories to make a living for their families, and they lived their lives caring for their fellow man, their neighbors, their fellow church members. They are the United States of America.

Among them are ideologues that will never be happy with an organized effort. Their idea of a country is more freewheeling, similar to how each of our states became settled. Many strapped guns on their hips and went out daring anyone to challenge them and their ideas. They had an idea of how things should be done and they did not want to change. This attitude goes against any description of "civilization" or "cooperation" among the citizens. To flourish, you have cooperation and an organized effort, not every man for himself.

Civilized Ideologues will settle down and continue their efforts to win over the majority of the populace to their way of thinking by intelligently putting their perspective forward, however not all ideologues can suppress their nature to hate and take revenge on those they feel are enemies. They feel it necessary to punish the people that are supporting their enemies, even though they are the majority of the people. I call these people Domestic Terrorist.

They make sure as much collateral damage as possible to get their point across. Now, think about what has been going on in Congress. The Domestic Terrorist that have been elected to the Congress are causing as much damage that they can in order to bring the country down both economically and physically.

Any time someone from Congress talks about not funding the administration of our country or paying our country's debt contracts in a timely manner, it makes us as a country look very bad. It causes companies to put their plans on hold, keeping money out of the pipeline, our economy. Notice the ones that are behind all of this are wealthy. They do not have to worry about their health care, having transportation to go to work, worrying about being laid-off, where their next meal was coming from, etc. They are not looking at anything other than their goal to get their country weak in the eyes of the rest of the world.

What would a terrorist do to make this country weak? Hack into our economy and ruin it. Cause investments to go elsewhere because they were afraid of what decisions Congress is going to make. They are basically holding our country hostage which is the way a terrorist would act.

That is why I can call all of those in Congress trying to bring our country down, the ones that talk about disrupting the calm pursuit of happiness we all deserve, they are Domestic Terrorist and should be charged with treason.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Money Does Not Buy Politics In This Country

Now that the 2012 Presidential election is over we are hearing from the losers that they think it was weather, money, voter fraud and any other excuse, except their message, as the reason they lost.  Someone needs to have an intervention with the power to be in the Republican party and let them know their "message" is what was defeated, not their candidates necessarily however there were a few that definitely lost their way.

Yes, there were some candidates that committed political suicide with their big mouths but overall the defeat was due to the underlying feeling that hardcore right leaning people exude from every pore of their bodies a meanness that does not befit a human being.

It was the disrespect for personal freedom and rights felt by everyone including some Republican sympathizers. The utter lack of respect for laws and regulations and a moral compass is what got the Republican candidate defeated.  The attitude that cheating and lying is okay as a means to an end.  That is just plain wrong on so many levels.  Hopefully the latest loss by the right shows that a majority of our country's citizens believe in the Constitution completely and not just the part that suits them. 

Inclusion instead of exclusion should be the mantra of this great country. When someone works hard they deserve a minimum wage that will take them above what is considered the "poverty level". Otherwise, why work? The incentive to live off of the public dole is too big sometime in many parts of the country where the "socially oriented" candidates are located. The system is set up for abuse instead of efficiency. If you are like me, at this point you can see the inefficiencies in the system and together we could fix it in one legislative session.  Right?

Here is what we would strive for in my opinion.

* Those physically fit should be expected to work or pro-actively looking for work while getting assistance. Picking up trash along roadways, taking money from patrons at land fills and recycle facilities, and many other jobs that can be done by those on welfare in their local areas. Even a disabled person that can sit up in a chair and do menial tasks can earn money.
*  If you receive food stamps, you agree to buy only those items that are life sustaining edible foodstuffs that enhance everyday life and the pursuit of happiness. Alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceutical, firearms, ammo, sports, recreational, clothing or any other non-food item are prohibited items.

When given a hand up in this country, a person could rise from ashes and become a successful person. I don't know of another country in which that can happen without special favors. We have to begin taking care of our own country before we pretend to help any others.

Capitalism makes that possible.  We as a country have decided that Capitalism will be our way of handling commerce within and without our country. Let's put it to work for the benefit of our people right now!  Let's fire the electors we want to replace and let's put our country's moral fabric together again for the world to see what the United States of America really stands for!  Hip Hip Hooray!

Sorry, I got a little carried away! :)

We do have a great country and it is worth saving for our offspring.  If you have never traveled the United States of America you will find there is something special and unique about this country everywhere you travel.  Perhaps that is the way to make a connection with the USA, explore it and live it.

Nazi Roadblocks in the United States of America???

Fellow citizens of the United States of America please listen to what I am about to say...if there is anyone listening, ever??

Well, at least I get to vent my perspective and read it back to myself which is pretty good therapy in itself; but I would like to know someone else is reading my blogs besides me.  I see the events happening before our eyes and fear that not many citizens are paying attention.  If I could get my blog read by a lot of citizens, maybe there would finally be no need for bombs, terrorists, mass annihilation of people, killing over territories, countries, kingdoms..there would be no need for the wire taps, NSA breaches of our freedoms, anarchic actions by radicals, weapons of mass destruction, war, revolts, revolution, attacks on governmental agents, rockets killing innocent people and all of the other terrible things that exists in this country and around the world.

We are slowly being squeezed for every freedom we have had as citizens of the United States of America. My forefathers fought hard for those freedoms, some of them giving their lives to put them in writing, our Declaration of Independence. They left Europe in waves to get to this country and be free of King George's influence and unfair taxes on commerce. We are losing those freedoms in the name of "homeland security". The real reason is "efficiency" and sometimes that can be bad for personal freedom.  The agencies that have the task of keeping this country safe are up against a lot of problems.  There is no question about that, but we have to remember what country we are protecting and the freedoms we  all grew up with.  We have to remember that our job to secure the country needs to be done without stepping on anyone's rights as citizens.

We have to ask ourselves if we are ready to give up freedom of unencumbered travel within our country's borders? Are we ready to have police checkpoints between states and not just at our borders with other countries? Are we ready to give up several freedoms and rights given to us by our Constitution, written by men with an amazing amount of forethought? Our rights are well defined by our Constitution, the right to travel unmolested within our country. If we are not breaking any laws that are obvious to an observer from the outside of the sanctity of our vehicles, it should not be legal for our police agencies to stop us or search us.  That covers many of the rights described by our forefathers listed in our Constitution.

The two documents I have mentioned, The Declaration of Independence and the United States of America's Constitution were written at great peril and suffering by their authors because of their efforts to secure personal freedoms and rights of the ordinary citizen and not just the elite politburo of the country.

Make no mistake about it, there is a politburo in place and because of an unbiased media in the past, we have kept the politburo under control. The sly devils have been able to enact legislation that allows the media to be "bought". I mean the word "bought" in every way you can spin it.  Bought in the way a legislator can be bought, through election contributions and favors. Who wouldn't be tempted to take easy money if you could talk about how much you are doing for the people that elected you to office? It would be difficult to be a legislator if you did not do favors and enact legislation friendly to your contributing constituents.

We had a media back in the forties and fifties that was second to none on reporting what was going on in this country. They felt responsible for the content of their reporting and if they missed something in the first report it would not be long before it was corrected and reported. When these individuals that owned and ran the media went home, they lived among their listeners/viewers and communed with the city dwellers. They felt like they had a responsibility to their patrons to be factual, unbiased and proactive in getting the facts. Commerce was always the underlying motive for existence, as it is in all media, but a responsibility to the citizens that they served.

Competition has taken the top seat in the fight now and that breeds contempt and suspicion against the competition.  This leads to underhanded actions being taken to become the advantaged competitor. Greed and envy are very powerful human emotions and will drive a person to do things that are not good.  Unbridled negative energy such as this can only lead to negative results. We cannot expect anything else, after all, our generation basically ceded our place in society. We let all of this occur during our watch.

I am sixty-seven years old and I belong to the generation that tore down some of the mystic of the politburo in place at the time.  We came out in numbers that make these latest "protests" look like a neighborhood barbeque.  It's camping time down at the square, don't forget your grill..what a joke, right?  When we got together there were thousands of people there ready to assert our civil rights to come together in protest of governmental actions we did not agree with. That is part of your Constitutional Rights as a citizen of the United States of America.

We were infiltrated by radicals taking advantage of the massive amounts of people in one place just as every protest gathering is infiltrated.  They made headlines from time to time but most of the protesting was actually the citizens and students of our country showing the politburo they had gone too far in their actions. The Viet Nam conflict was not necessary and more than 56000 people had to die before the "people" were listened to and the war was ended.

To understand the irony of that you would have to recall the reason we were given for fighting the Viet Nam war.  The reason given most of the time was that we could not let the south fall to the north because the unified Communistic government would be dangerous to the world. Today we are on "most favored nation" basis with Viet Nam. This result could have been reached without a war. Common sense is rearing it's head at this point asking the question "why then did we have to go to war in Viet Nam?".

Then fast forward to the year 2000. Why was it so important for George Bush to win that election? After all, he did not get the majority of the popular vote.  Various biased reports have listed Bush winning by a very small margin because of the recount of ballots but that is not accurate.  Those that know the background of the mess in Florida all agree that Gore got the majority of votes in Florida but those votes were destroyed in one way or the other.  "hanging chads, mis-marked ballots" and other underhanded things done to suppress any votes for Gore in Florida caused Bush to be selected by the Supreme Court as the winner of the office.

Guess what? We all swallowed that one too, didn't we? Did you see anyone out there protesting that election much?  Not really..just a few that wanted to go out and protest something and this was handy to them. We have become so complacent as a citizenry.  "Leave me alone and you can do what you want" has been a common mantra for most of us in recent years.  Me too! I sit here and type out my frustrations in this void of internet I found called 'BlogSpot'.  There are millions of us here and none of us hardly know the other exists and we are trying to get someone to read our stuff?  Almost laughable unless you are writing about something you care passionately about and it frustrates you that other authors get their pitiful blogs seen by millions and you cannot get anyone to read yours.

I feel your pain..

Sunday, August 26, 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different

I thought I would borrow the title from one of my favorite comedy shows of the past, Monty Python's Flying Circus.  They can be seen from time to time on television, mostly BBC or Public Television here in the states.

If you have been watching the Little League World Championship games, I am sure you have noticed how much bigger the boys are getting.  The six foot mark has been overcome in height and the two hundred pound mark has been bettered as well.

Now, I don't know how you look at this, but from my perspective a twelve year old boy that weighs over two hundred pounds and stands over six foot tall is too big for Little League play.  Is it "Little" league or not?

We need to impose a weight and height limit for those that play in the Little League.

It is not fair to those boys that still are little to have to compete against those at that size range.  Those larger boys should be moved up to the next sized league, what we used to call Pony League.  At least they would be playing with boys their own size.

I have been watching the elimination games and most of the players are much smaller than the six foot mark and weigh little over one hundred pounds, some up to one hundred fifty pounds.  That should be the limit.  Under 5ft 7" and under 150lbs.  That would make it fair for each player to compete.

Japan has a pitcher that throws the ball over 75 miles per hour on a Little League field, which is the equivalent of a Major League Baseball pitcher throwing 95 miles per hour.  Are you kidding me?  Most of these kids, even the ones that bat very well, cannot get the bat around fast enough to hit this guy.  This is not a fair match up at all.  I quit watching the game in the second inning because it was obvious that the Japanese were going to win the game because of their advantage with the large pitcher.

If you agree with me, then you should voice your opinion to the Little League Association of the United States and urge them to take it to the international organization for some changes to be made very soon.  The situation will only get worse.


Friday, July 13, 2012

The New Super Power

Will we continue to be the world's only "super power" or will we all just have to get along?

First of all, don't try to take my guns.  I don't have any yet but when I do, don't try and take them away because I have a right to defend myself against animals or people.

However, we don't need a bunch of Hatfield's and McCoy's feuds springing up all over the country either.  So how do we approach citizens being armed to the teeth or disarmed?

It has to be with a common sense perspective.  The only way to have that is to display everything that is involved with arms control in a country.  What are we talking about?  Can the citizenry be armed or not?

I say yes and with as much power as they can accummulate.  If they live on a hillside and can construct cannons to protect themselves, I say more power to them!

On the other hand, we don't want mini-wars breaking out all over the country so how do we control everything?

We get everyone in the country to agree about how to control everything.  We agree on how to control criminal issues in our country why can we not come together and agree on arms and how they can be used.  We certainly do not want the criminal elements of our country to get an upper hand on the citizenry therefore we cannot disarm the public.

It is going to take a sober look at all of this to come to a conclusion but as a country we need to do that soon and end the debate over gun control.